2019 Summer Essentials: Deconstructed Jackets

One of fashion's quirkiest trends is here to make a comeback this summer. Here to fuse abstract minimalism with classic designs, it's the on and off again design trend known as deconstructed style. And for summer 2019, our sartorial hearts are full because deconstructed jackets will take centre stage to introduce the world to the intricate beauty of deconstructionism in timeless pieces of clothing like a suit jacket.

This summer, in true deconstructionist style, will be focusing on incorporating a rawer and lighter design philosophy. Stripping back on the typical design elements in suits like the use of shoulder pads, lining and sleeve head rolls, this deconstructed number is expected to be an emerging essential item for all aspiring minimalists and capsule curators.

Here's how you too can mix this minimal statement piece into your existing wardrobe as cohesively as possible.

The best daytime styling approach when it comes to deconstructed clothing is to pair your deconstructed number with casual chinos, casual shorts and even jeans with your favourite collared shirt to create an off-duty preppy look that's effortlessly and spectacularly stylish. Complete the outfit with boat shoes for a 'holidays at the beachfront club' vibe or smarten it up slightly with a pair of classic, crisp white tennis shoes. To accessorise, just style it up with pocket squares to suit the occasion or keep it minimal and classy with a timeless leather strap watch.

For a glamorous night-time look: simply pair your deconstructed jacket with linen pants, Cuban or Bandhgala collared shirt like Rathore's Sweet Freshwater Shirt and complete the look with leather loafer shoes.

Whether you're a first-time wearer or a repeater, the unstructured jacket, with its softer silhouette and more relaxed fit are sure to win you over especially during the warmer days as it will leave you looking and feeling fresh – it’s lightweight and extremely breathable thanks to the minimal canvas, little to no lining and a thin shoulder!

The unstructuredness of it all and its semi-finished feel gives it such uniqueness that most would want to keep it as their best style secret once discovered. Trust us, it will be your next favourite piece of clothing that transcends your style.